Here at FPS, we come from many different walks of life, and we value the importance of diversity in a team.

We have associates with restaurant and food service experience, so we are very familiar with the challenges of managing a kitchen. Other members of our team have backgrounds in business, so we understand the importance of branding, finance, and maintaining an accurate inventory.


Bruce GoldbergPresident, Owner
Danny FriedmanDirector of Sales, Owner
Max FriedmanProject Manager
Augustin MonarrezOperations Manager
Joe FriedmanPurchasing Manager
Marty PielerChief Financial Officer
Steven Walsh Director of Marketing
Toni RossCash & Carry Manager
Steve BlitsteinCash & Carry Manager
Brooke LeeCustomer Service Manager
Danny JohnsonChief Technology Officer
Bobby BassPM Warehouse Manager
Fidel ElizondoAM Warehouse Manager

Delivering High Quality Food in the Chicago Land Area

Our Team

Here at Food and Paper, we emphasize high quality customer service by pairing our clients with just the right representative from our team. Our job is to give you the attention to detail that you deserve, making your job of running a food service establishment a little easier.

FPS is constantly studying the foodservice market, ensuring that our customers are the first to know of any trends or major changes within the industry. Additionally, we employ locally, so we are very familiar with the regions and communities that we serve.